Our Story

Who are we?

We are two sisters and astrologers in Boston who started Starfyx because we wanted to share our love and passion for Zodiacs and couldn't find any other hand-made, artisan, and high quality jewelry for Astrologers.

Why Starfyx?

That's why we created Starfyx. We worked with the best artisan jewelers (and even learned how to make jewelry ourselves) to create these beautiful pieces of art. There is no better way to represent your faith in the divine information embedded in the movements and positions of the stars, moons, and the Earth. 

Our lives and paths are all interconnected and winding. Along our journey in creating these pieces of art, we learned to trust ourselves and the process set for us in the stars.

Our Mission

We want you to join us on our spiritual journey to discover our best selves. We are on a mission to improve the world one step at a time. 

Astrology has been helping people for thousands of years and we want to join that mission. Please let us know if we can improve how we are doing by emailing us at support@starfyx.com or contacting us through our Contact page. 

Thank you and may the stars guide you well.

xxx Starfyx xxx